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Vitiligo is a chronic skin condition characterized by portions of the skin losing their pigment. It occurs when skin pigment cells die or are unable to function. Aside from cases of contact with certain chemicals, the cause of vitiligo is unknown.

Spray tanning can be done for clients who suffer from vitligo, it will require a longer session to correct the affected areas. Depending on the stage of the skin condition, if the client is at stage 1, spot treatment with the DHA can often render favorable results.  To begin, select a  waterproof foundation such as camouflage which is the ideal product as it is waterproof.

  • Moisten a sponge (egg shape) make sure the sponge is not too wet, squeeze as much water out as possible
  • Dab into the foundation, using a stippling motion, apply foundation to the affected areas (white areas)
  • Repeat the process with the sunless solution selected for skin type, dab with sponge using a stippling motion
  • Once both products have been applied, spray 2 coats of sunless as you would normally do
  • Dry the client with hose. Make sure the skin is well dried before clients gets dress
  • Clients can also use our Sun Shower self tanner for affected areas for everyday use.

This technique is good for stage 1. If the client has stage 2 or many white areas to treat, I recommend you use an airbrush to correct the larger areas.  The application is tedious make sure you charge according to the time involved.

Source: Wikipedia

Sandra Myatte

Sandra Myatte

Sandra, launched Sun Cocktail, sunless formulas and equipment in 2006. With her vast experience and knowledge in business, she has become a sought after beauty and social media blogger. A contributor in beauty magazines and speaker in beauty trade shows.

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