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Winter is tough on your skin, with the cold air outside and the indoor heat from work and home. So with those conditions comes dry patchy skin, eczema, psoriasis…you get the idea!

When getting a sunless tan these conditions are not ideal in the least, those dry areas will soak up the solution more leaving a darker area after processing is done.I recommend that you take time to exfoliate several times before your session to help with dryness and to extend the life of your tan by a couple extra days. Winter tans tend to not last as long due to dry skin, so doing extra TLC beforehand will benefit your color very nicely.

I think my favorite ways to prep is to keep it simple. You do not need to buy expensive scrubs, you can make your own by using used coffee grounds mixed with virgin coconut oil. These 2 powerful ingredients to achieve a luxurious skin. The coffee also tones and helps to diminish the appearance of cellulite.  The key is to be thorough and not to scrub really hard, take your time and give a little extra attention to the dry areas; hands, knees, elbows and the driest of all the Feet! Happy Scrubbing!

Discover the benefits of our Eau de Soleil sunless formula. This formula is made with coffee extracts to tone the skin while giving you a flawless even chocolate color. The next powerful ingredient added to this sinfully luscious formula is Matrixyl 3000. A powerful peptide which  is a trans dermal bio technology that benefits the skin in several ways, that range, from the ability to plump lips and lift sagging skin, to getting rid of dark circles and puffy eyes.

In addition to intense hydration and the anti-aging benefits, it provides a protective barrier on the skin against damaging elements and free radicals.  It contains Antioxidants and anti inflammatory agents to protect and heal the skin. It also aids in circulation, which will help eliminate blood pigmentation in the skin (such as under eye dark circles).

Sandra Myatte

Sandra Myatte

Sandra, launched Sun Cocktail, sunless formulas and equipment in 2006. With her vast experience and knowledge in business, she has become a sought after beauty and social media blogger. A contributor in beauty magazines and speaker in beauty trade shows.

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