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radiant skin

Breakthrough Ingredient Matrixyl 3000


This primary ingredient is found in our sunless formula, Eau de Soleil, a new Bio Trans Dermal Technology.

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5 Steps to Owning Your Dream Spray Tan Business

If you love working with people and making your clients feel good about themselves, a sunless spray tanning business can be a great start-up. As the dangers of tanning beds have turned many customers away from “fake baking,” sunless tanning has come into high demand. Before you begin offering your services, make sure that you have a valid business license, a marketing plan in place and the necessary equipment and a systematic approach.

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Velour Skin

Velour Skin
Winter is tough on your skin, with the cold air outside and the indoor heat from work and home. So with those conditions comes dry patchy skin, eczema, psoriasis…you get the idea!

When getting a sunless tan these conditions are not ideal in the least, those dry areas will soak up the solution more leaving a darker area after processing is done.I recommend that you take time to exfoliate several times before your session to help with dryness and to extend the life of your tan by a couple extra days. Winter tans tend to not last as long due to dry skin, so doing extra TLC beforehand will benefit your color very nicely. Read More

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