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Spray Tan Party

Hosting spray tan parties are a fun way to get together with your BFF’s and promote your services!

Use your social network of friends, they are one of your best resources.  Ask a friend if she would like to host a spray tan party for you. Tell her you just got in the business and need all the help you could get to get the word out. In return, she receives her tan “Free”. Read More

5 Steps to Owning Your Dream Spray Tan Business

If you love working with people and making your clients feel good about themselves, a sunless spray tanning business can be a great start-up. As the dangers of tanning beds have turned many customers away from “fake baking,” sunless tanning has come into high demand. Before you begin offering your services, make sure that you have a valid business license, a marketing plan in place and the necessary equipment and a systematic approach.

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Pricing your Services

Determining your pricing menu is the single most important decision you will make when shaping your spray tanning business.

It is important to know your clientele, your area and the existing market. It is also important not to price your service too high so that it is not realistic for your guests to get their spray tan once a week. But you also want to maximize your time and make a great profit doing this service. Always have packages available so guests can get a discount by purchasing a packing of tanning sessions at one time. Read More

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