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You have probably heard the term ROI, ROI stands for Return on Investment How many clients will it take for you to start seeing a profit. The profits will depend on the type of business you start. The less cost involved in establishing your business the more profits you’ll make in the short term. A little imagination goes a long way.


For instance, if you offer body slimming treatments, selling packages of 8 treatments,  incorporate the spray tan at the end of the session. The Eau de Soleil formula is an excellent choice to pair with this service. This formula contains peptides that will add hydration and suppleness to the skin, the added benefits of coffee extracts to tone the skin. Coffee is known for its slimming properties and is used in many slimming creams on the market.

Set Up

If you have a shower in your facility, adding an exfoliation service by pairing it with a wrap, could double or triple your profits. A good scrub should contain coffee extracts to work on the circulation and minimize the signs of the orange skin effect or saddlebags.  Here you can add any type of slimming wraps and finish it with a spray tan. People love to feel and look good.


These are just a few examples to supplement your bottom line. This is also a great way to promote your new services. Add clients by starting to promote for wedding season, vacations, Prom and so on. This will increase your repeat business, instead of having people coming once or twice a year, give them a reason to come back more often.

Typically these services can be sold for:

Cost of Services

Scrub+ wrap+ spray tan=$125.00

If you start by offering your services at home, you will need a space about, 10 sq ft. Most tents like ours, have a floor base and height of 4′ x 4′ by 7′ foot high, your ceiling should be 8 to 9 ft clearing space. Always have a table next to the tent, with all the tanning essentials: sticky fee, disposable bra and thong, barrier cream than can be purchased anywhere at a drug store. (I use the life brand Vitamin E cream) a towel for inside the tent. and a protective hair cap. One great way to advertise your business is by giving a lip balm. There are companies that can brand your business or logo on the tube. Google search is the best place to start.

Profits & Price Comparisons

1 liter yields 17 sprays at approx 2 ounces per application

1 gallon yields 64 sprays at approx 2 ounce per application

Cost of the service

$35 per spray @ 17 sprays  = $595.00 gross profit

-the cost of product Vitality 10% ($99.95) 595.00-99.95=$495.05 net profit per liter

$45 per spray (recommended for Eau de Soleil)  x 17= gross $765.00

-the cost of product Eau de Soleil ($109.95) 765.00-109.95=$655.05 net profit per liter

Mobile Business

A good rule of thumb is to factor in your mileage and time. Keep in mind, you are offering convenience to clients for having the service done in their home. People won’t mind to pay for this service. I normally charge a flat rate of $65.00 regardless the kilometers, providing the client doesn’t live more than 20 kilometers from my start point.

When you advertise your mobile business, set pricing for certain number of kilometers per radius.

  • $5.00 charge above your initial price gas and time  factored in for up to 10 km
  • $10.00 charge above your initial price, gas and time factored in for up t0 11 to 20 km
  • $15.00 charge above “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””21 to 30 km

Bodybuilding Spray tan Services

Most spray tan professionals who have experience on these platforms can charge will charge between $75 up to $125.00

Keep in mind the client will be sprayed twice up to the competition.  The price would include the finishing glaze, Center Stage.

Sandra Myatte

Sandra Myatte

Sandra, launched Sun Cocktail, sunless formulas and equipment in 2006. With her vast experience and knowledge in business, she has become a sought after beauty and social media blogger. A contributor in beauty magazines and speaker in beauty trade shows.

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