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By doing a comparison and educating the client on the adverse effects and long term damage from the use of tanning beds.

Congratulations on Making the Right Choice

By opting to provide this lucrative service. However providing just the service and getting good with the technique, is no longer enough. People want information, by learning as much as you can on the subject will benefit both you and your clients. The more information you give your clients the more trust you instill in them. In addition it will make you the go to expert in your area.

Educate your Clients

People today are so much more educated on the subject of spray tanning then the last 10 years. Many articles have been written by the media on safe alternatives such as spray tanning. The Canadian government’s  has issued a  ban for young adults under the age of 18, most European countries including Australia has banned tanning beds, you will rarely find them in these countries. The fact remains, tanning beds are no longer the #1 choice to achieve a tan. If skin cancer is not enough to convince you think of the  long term damage, for example: tanning beds dehydrates skin, causing per-mature aging, the result of dehydration, which removes the water content and collagen  will leave the skin scaly and parched.  Spray tanning will add moisture and hydration.

Stigma Around Spray Tanning

I still hear people cringing when I mention a spray tan, it goes this way. (me) Hey, how would you like to get a spray tan?  (client) OOOhhh, a spray tan? I don’t want to turn orange. I raise my eyes to the heavens when I hear this, seriously? In the 21st century, where Hollywood celebrities walking the red carpet are spray tanned before an event.  Dancing with the Stars, dancers, are all spray tanned, week after week since the show has been running (10 years), and guess what? Nobody ever died of a spray tan.

Asking the right questions:

  1.  How many sessions does it take to get an immediate color in a tanning bed?
  2. What is the cost of  a package ? If they answer they get a special deal at a certain time of the year, then you can ask them to tell you the regular cost per package. Don’t be afraid to tell them that by doing a comparison of pricing they can be saving money in the long run. If they’re adamant in their conviction that a tanning bed is what they want, then let it go. Don’t try to push yourself on them.
  3. How long does your tan last after one session?
  4. How many times a week do you tan in a bed.
  5. Are you likely to go in a tanning bed following your spray tan or prior to your spray tan?






Sandra Myatte

Sandra Myatte

Sandra, launched Sun Cocktail, sunless formulas and equipment in 2006. With her vast experience and knowledge in business, she has become a sought after beauty and social media blogger. A contributor in beauty magazines and speaker in beauty trade shows.

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