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Many people are turning to spray tanning to avoid the negative effects of baking in the sun — one of those being an increased risk of skin cancer and a second one being the sun is the biggest cause of aging to the skin. However, spray tanning can look unnatural or streaky. We have some tips to help you get a golden tan that looks just like you were laying in the sun all day without the negative side effects.

Select Natural Ingredients

If you are cautious about your health and want to be extra safe, you should opt for a formula that comprises of botanical organic ingredients. Organic spray tanning has taken the lead in the spray tan industry because it offers a generous amount of advantages over traditional spray tanning. In an organic spray tan, wrinkles, dry skin, irritation, rashes and other skin problems are diminished. This type of spray tanning binds the moisture in the skin and repairs skin cells that have been damaged by harsh sun rays. It eliminates the formation of dried-out skin, which normally occurs after traditional spray tanning. All this occurs because organic spray tanning is comprised of 100 per cent organic and natural ingredients. This means no synthetic colors or parabens.

Another added benefit of organic spray tanning is that the costs are almost the same as they are for traditional spray tanning! If the choice between a safe organic spray tan and the more traditional spray tan is cost-neutral, why wouldn’t you go for the safer option?

Top 35 spray tanning tips

1. Avoid using deodorant before your spray tan appointment as it will provide a barrier to the spray tan’s absorption.

2. Try not to apply moisturizer prior to having a spray tan as it will interrupt the absorption of the spray tan.

3. Where possible, always shave or wax at least 24 hours prior to a spray tan appointment, as hair removal after a spray tan will remove the tan.

4. Try not to get wet for 1–2 hours after a spray tan. So if it is raining the day of your appointment, make sure you bring a large enough umbrella to cover you.

5. Where possible, try to wear dark, loose clothing to and from a spray tan appointment to avoid staining on lighter-coloured clothes.

6. Try to avoid activities that will cause excessive perspiring for 12 hours after a spray tan, even if you are able to wash your tan off after a couple of hours.

7. Try to avoid activities that naturally exfoliate the skin — such as baths and chlorinated pool swimming — for at least 12 hours after your spray tan.

8. If you are going on holidays and will be swimming in a chlorinated pool, we suggest using a tan extender such as ” Sun Shower” 360 degree spray.

9. Your tan professional will tell you when you can shower depending on the level of colour depth and your skin requirements, however, when showering, please avoid using soap and shower only with warm (not hot) water to wash off the excess tan colour.

10. Keep your skin as moisturized as possible after your spray tan, this will increase the longevity of the tan and help you to avoid the tan wearing off in patches due to dry skin.

11. You can spray your face with the Sun Shower tan extender to keep your color from fading.

12. Exfoliate from head to toe preferably the day prior to a spray tan, paying particular attention to areas such as your knees, elbows and ankles.

13. Moisturize after exfoliation the day prior to a spray tan to prepare your skin for your spray tan.

14. Where possible, remove all jewellery prior to a spray tan and leave them off for the duration advised by your tanning professional.

15. Where possible, try to wear thongs home from your spray tan appointment to avoid boots /socks/stockings which may rub off the tan solution.

16. Wear a g-string that you don’t mind getting stained. Your tanning professional will offer you the use of disposable G-strings if you are concerned about staining your underwear.

17. If you tint your eyebrows, where possible please tint the day before or the day after your spray tan to avoid the tint interfering with your spray tan. If you have lash extensions, avoid being sprayed directly in the eye area.

18. Avoid spraying perfume or applying moisturizer to your face or body until after you have washed the spray tan bronzer off.

19. Where possible, try to avoid excessive hand washing prior to washing the spray tan bronzer off. Baby wipes or Wet Ones are a good solution to keep your hands clean.

20. When showering off your spray tan, you may notice the water colouring, please don’t panic, this colour is just the bronzer washing off your body after your spray tan.

21. After a shower, try to gently pat your skin dry and avoid vigorous rubbing when towel drying.

22. After showering off the spray tan, it may seem that the colour has disappeared, please don’t panic, the colour will continue to develop and process over a period of 12 hours.

23. Please remember that your spray tan does not contain SPF and you will need to use a product with SPF on a daily basis to avoid sunburn and skin damage.

24. For best results, after your tan try to use shower gels rather than harsh soap bars. Avoid using scrubs for at least 7-10 days.

25. If you are having a spray tan for a special occasion, it is best to be sprayed one to two days before the event to ensure you’re happy with your colour and to get “used” to your new colour.

26. If you’re coming to an appointment after work, bring along some baby wipes or wet towelettes to remove deodorant or moisturizers before your spray tan.

27. When your tan is ready to be removed, the best form of removal is simple — a nice shower and good exfoliation mitts. Remember to moisturize after you’ve removed the tan though. My personal favorite is applying Coconut oil in the shower after your initial rinse. Apply deliberately and rinse. Then pat dry. Your skin will look radiant, smooth and moisturized prolonging your color a few extra days.

28. If you’re planning your spray tan for an event and having a pedicure and/or manicure as well, we suggest having your manicure/pedicure before you have your spray tan.

29. Your face will always be the first area to fade, simply because you wash it more frequently and use of makeup.

30. To prolong your spray tan, try not to use band-aids, pore-strips or face masks, as they may remove tan as you rip or wash them off.

31. If you’re going on a holiday to a tropical destination, remember that bug spray, when sprayed directly onto the skin, can remove or fade the tan. Consider spraying your clothing or a “cloud” of spray that you can walk through instead of applying it directly to the skin.

32. If you are having a spray tan for an occasion, discuss your tan colour options with your spray tan professional and consider your foundation colour when choosing your colour.

33. Consult with your spray tan professional and inform them of any dry skin areas, broken or abraded skin, wounds and allergies.

34. If and where possible, consider making your spray tan appointment for a time that allows you to shower before your appointment if you’re coming after work.

35. Plan your exercise routine around your spray tan appointment to either exercise and shower before your appointment or wait until your tan has finished processing before exercising.

Sandra Myatte

Sandra Myatte

Sandra, launched Sun Cocktail, sunless formulas and equipment in 2006. With her vast experience and knowledge in business, she has become a sought after beauty and social media blogger. A contributor in beauty magazines and speaker in beauty trade shows.

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